Cris and Deanna Duncan are International Award winning photographers with a host of letters and degrees behind their names. However, what is really important is this--we LOVE people. We love uncovering inner beauty and laughing--a lot. Everyone has a story and our heart is transforming the story into a form you can touch and see.  Come on, let's get started on your story!


So, if you are wondering about those letters--Cris j Duncan is a Master of Photography, a Photographic Craftsman as well as a Certified Professional Photographer and Deanna is a Photographic Craftsman.   What does all of that mean to you? It simply means that your portraits will be done in a way that will make you look and feel your best.  Your entire experience is handled with the utmost attention to detail and care. We are blessed to do what we love and what we love is creating something of value for you to cherish for generations to come.


We could bore you with the list of awards, accolades and honors we have accumulated. (I'm stepping in here.  I tell you, my man has a a room full of Photographer of the Year awards, a GIA which is only awarded to one photographer, too many Top 10 awards to count and the best part is most of these things are just sitting in a closet.  He's humble that way.)

However, what is really important is YOU!


Deanna again, I have to tell you this story:  I don't know of any 13 year olds, except Cris, who spent their summers digging ditches so they could buy a darkroom set. Our first "dates" back in high school consisted of going on "photo safaris" at Buffalo Springs Lake and then heading back to process the images. I know, we were wild. When you come in, I can tell you more of the story as it is a doozy.  The end result is that I am so honored to be married to an amazing man whose greatest passions--after God and his family--are you and light.


He is as salt-of-the-earth as it gets--if that salt loves Apple products.  Cris will make you laugh, relax and have a wonderful time. When you leave, you will have a friend for life and there is no better friend than Cris--and yes, I am completely unbiased.  :)



 C j Duncan Photography is in a unique location. This is a one-of-a-kind studio in Lubbock and you will love the whimsical and comfortable feel of this English cottage and outdoor portrait gardens.  The front half of the property is a virtual park with 50 year old pecan, maple and oak trees. The back half has the shooting garden complete with large trees, evergreens and in the spring and summer lush pockets of bright, bold color. Tucked throughout the gardens are fun little surprises.


The studio, or camera room, is a true gem. With over 500 square feet the options are endless. Floor to ceiling windows provide the classical window light treasured by photographers. As you spin around, you see options unfold--from Potter Barn-like looks, to bold bright colors to hand painted walls designed for large families.  Things are constantly changing and you never know what treasure awaits you in the studio.


We keep things easy with a full dressing room, private nursing room and lots of room to spread. The studio is a wonderful option for infants, babies, children, teen, senior and family photography. It’s a fun, comfortable place to just be yourself.


Then there is the theatre with its 100" screen. Set in a comfortable living room atmosphere, here you can relax, have a drink and enjoy seeing your session play before you.  It is truly a treat.


The best part is our newest addition--Little Ranger.  He is still learning how to be an awesome friend to all, but if you love Golden Retrievers, he might just make an appearance and ask for an ear rub.  He will reward you with an amazing puppy smile.


We would love to show you all this in person, so click here to contact us and we will be happy to give you a tour. The C j Duncan Studio is located at 2402 Slide Road in Lubbock, TX. See Directions below.

CjDuncan Photography specializes in Photography. Have your portrait needs created with one of Lubbock's most awarded photographer's. THE STUDIO GARDENS, YOUR HOME OR FAVORITE PLACE, WE WANT YOU TO HELP TELL YOUR STORY.


Our studio is located at 2402 Slide Rd. Turn W on 24th off of Slide. Go down about 50 yards. You will see a terra cotta colored brick house on your left. The studio is located directly behind the residence on the same property. Look for the FLAG POLE on your left, turn in behind the house (or park along 24th). You should see a large gray English style cottage. That is the C j Duncan studio. Go through the garden gate next to the flag and down the path to the studio. You may meet our sweet Golden retriever puppy, Ranger, on your visit. Rest assured he is gentle and sweet. If you prefer, we can make arrangements to have him inside upon your arrival. Thank you again for choosing CjDuncan Photography.



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Photography is an art that melds light and subject together to create an unforgettable image. Children's Photography, Family Photography, Senior Photography, Engagement, Bridal, Commercial photography, etc is all based around the art of combining the subject and the light.


At C j Duncan Photography we refine photography by combining our artistic vision with our mastery of the technical science of photography to create  lasting images that reflects you and your life.


Although we are primarily Lubbock Photographers and Lubbock Portrait Photographers we do travel for commissions around the world.

CjDuncan Photography.

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